Saturday 13:30

Ganeti Test Bed

A Ganeti development environment - C117 (GanetiCon) (en)

Ganeti test bed is a way to quickly spawn a virtual/test cluster inside a real Ganeti cluster. By using nested virtualization, it is possible to do a wider range of testing and development including things like DRBD or KVM live migration.

Saturday 14:00

Ganeti IPv6

how to make a IPv6 only ganeticluster possibe - C117 (GanetiCon) (en)

While trying to setup a ganeticluster in an IPv6 Only environment i found some parts in the code we should talk about and look for options.

Saturday 15:15

QAing the Ganeti Project

Using the Ganeti QA Suite - C117 (GanetiCon) (en)

Ganeti's codebase provides multiple means of QA: Haskell unit tests, Python unit tests as well as a QA suite which does end-to-end tests of entire Ganeti clusters.

This presentation mostly targets the Ganeti QA suite and how it can be used from Github Actions to test pull requests.

Saturday 16:30

gnt-cc: API and Frontend for multiple clusters

How to manage Ganeti Clusters with modern tools - C117 (GanetiCon) (en)

gnt-cc is an API and webfrontend for multiple Ganeti Clusters. It is currently in a very early stage but already has features like Web VNC, a global search across all resources, start/stop migrate instances.